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As an academic, my career has been stimulating and varied.  The greatest part has been the number of former students who are successful in "corporate america".  Some of the most recent background is on the link to NC A&T SU, before which I was on the faculty at Pratt Institute (New York) and William Paterson University (NJ).

I will be posting some interesting work created by former graduate students, and preliminary research in the area of object oriented metrics, as it is retrieved from the files deep within crashed former weblandia....  I have researched the relationships between program metrics and software quality indicators, included academic work funded by IBM Corporation.

In the corporate world, David Bellin has directed several commercial projects, products, and personally programmed the internals of two transaction systems.  

Implemented systems include a system for School Photographers which was commercially sold, and a custom systems for:  a Blood Bank, a department store Christmas Club, and a Wholesale Glass Fabricator and Installer.

As a consultant on object oriented software development, Bellin is known for his work at the "front end" of the development process, with systems analysts and user groups.  He helped pioneer the people oriented "CRC Card" system, through his own book on the subject as well as through the development and delivery of seminars.


David Bellin, Ph.D.   Chapel Hill, NC, USA (main base)  Welcome!