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CRC Card Book


His editing skills are often praised:  after publishing this many books and hundreds of articles, he ought to be good!  Why after 8 years the CRC Card Book is still selling is a small mystery, but it is.  Our guess is the emphasis on the PEOPLE side of projects, and the lively semi-novella passages.  Buy it on Amazon and decide:

The CRC Card Book (1997: Addison-Wesley), with Susan Simone. Booch software engineering series, forwards by Ward Cunningham & Kent Beck. ISBN 0201-89535-8. More information is available via the link on my home page for this title, including reviews and source code! (Amazon)

Software Maintenance: The Small Systems Management Guide (1991: Prentice Hall). Also published in Portugese. (Amazon)

The Structured Systems Development Manual (1990: Yourdon - Prentice Hall), with Susan Suchman, forward by Meilar Page-Jones. Also published in Spanish. (Amazon)

Manual del Desarrollo de Sistemas (1988: Institute for Technology and Development), with Susan Suchman. (out of print -unavailable)

Computers in Battle: Will They Work? (1987: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), co-editor with Gary Chapman. Computer Press Association runner-up for best non-fiction book. Also published in Japanese and Italian. (Amazon)

The Complete Computer Maintenance Handbook (1985: Harper and Row) Number 4 Micro Service Product of 1987. Also published in Japanese. (Amazon)

Managing Your Data General RDOS System (1981: System-Aid Computer Control, Inc.). (out of print -unavailable)


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