David Bellin is Principal Broker and can now act as agent for your real estate transactions.

For new housing:  Lots are being purchased in Orange, Alamance, Chatham county.  We also seek lots with city water and sewer in Durham.  All homes will be high quality and affordable to buyer's below the local median income levels.  We also represent BUYERS in the local market, as exclusive Buyer's agent.


The dream is a small affordable housing development, with the "settled out" hispanic worker as a target market.  Land aquisition is clearly a major hurdle.  We are working with local organizations concerned with housing issues. 

Contact is welcome from those who have small parcels for sale, and are interesting in supporting this project.


We have evaluated several commercial properties in Durham.  Our interest is in office space and prospects for significant capital appreciation, rather than income.  At this time no projects have been completed in the commercial area.  We invite contact both from those who seek to partner in related investments, as well as those who have or know of properties for sale.

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David Bellin, Ph.D.   Chapel Hill, NC, USA (main base)  Welcome!