Month: May 2018

Homes are flowering at Fiori


As soon as we can start them, homes are getting bought at Fiori Hill.  And each new owner seems to have great ideas of improvements and wishes to the plans – most of which can be accomodated!

Look below and see the Verona slab being finished at lot 20, the crawlspace in place on lot 29, and the exterior painting on the Bungalows at lot 3 and 17.  The Peloquin crew is moving ahead deliberately to preserve a quality build and get our Energy star cerfifications.  Congratulations to the new owner of the Expanded Avanti built on lot 19 – got in just before price increases!  Yes, the bad news is that prices of lumber, roofing and sheetrock are continuing to rise, with no end in sight.  

Please tell your friends to call Tofu Dave NOW and come on over!  Thank You. 

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Fiori found object flower updates

The Fiori found object flower

A great symbol of the new pocket community of energy star homes and green conscious folks – found objects into the community flower at the entrance.  Completed by job foreman Greg with design help from builder Jeff Peloquin, this shows the creativity of all our neighbors!

Lot 29 Bungalow, foundation going in for the sealed crawlspace now.
Lot 20 Verona model, ready for the basement walls to be set
Lot 24 Bungalow, finishing design modifications preparatory to permit submission
Lot 19 got under contract just in time to select his own carpet, that’s good timing
Lot 17 what a beautiful back deck into the woods – can’t wait to get you in – creative ideas!
Lot 3 sheetrock in this week, what a nice set up
Lot 4 looking to be our first solar rooftop and electric car station before you know it!

And of course thanks to our pioneer homes up top of the hill – thank you so much.

We had a great open house last week and a fine old time of food, jaw-boning and walking around.  Everybody, get your friends out here soon and spread the word!

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