Website Design

Website Design by David Bellin

Did you know that I spent several years setting up and running a graduate computer science program at NC A&T?  Some of that work was the boring type, getting money to help the program grow and looking into obscure technical issues in software engineering.  I even wrote books along the way.

The fun part was working with motivated students to do things like set up websites!  I did a bunch of projects with varied results.

It’s a two sided process, and the participation of the website sponsor is crucial to the result.  If you hire me, I’m going to make YOU do some work as well!

Some public examples from the most recent: is a creation for the non-profit foundation which promotes the work and spirit of this wonderful children’s book author and illustrator.  It was a work in process early in the 2000’s, and the fore-runner and inspiration for the current website. is a great example of what happens when implementors, designers, and the sponsors are excited and motivated.  I created the first design of this website.  Students added some subsections to it.  There’s a big index of back magazine issues, and online response forms.  The sponsor got so worked up that they’ve taken on enhancements and updating of the website for themselves – so by now it’s substantially evolved from our initial design.  Plus, it’s informative!  Again, we set the bar for the newest design.   A quaint collaboration which should be evolving in the subsections.  The overall approach is from me.  However the subsections are the result of collaborations, so their own “look and feel” should get completely different as the website evolves over time.  Guess we’ll sort of see how it goes.