Licensed Contractor & Commercial RE Broker

David Bellin has years of experience in home renovations,  remodeling,  and new construction. Yep, much more in addition to Software Engineering !

Licensed General Contractor             Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Consulting reviews of contractor bids (“a second opinion”) – as well as project management services – all from an honest, experienced bi-lingual guy! 

Consultant to Carrboro Collaborative Development Association / Giles Blunden Architect, for building specifications and contractor relations, related to the Pacifica Co-housing Development at end of Hanna Street Carrboro  (2006), where we lived for 8 years after construction.

For a free consultation,  email

New construction projects Latta Drive, Hillsborough (with Peloquin Construction) SOLD

Sybil Road, Durham (modular, with North American Housing & Peloquin) SOLD

Turkey Run West, Efland SOLD

Whole house renovations Oakwood Drive, Chapel Hill  SOLD

Woodbridge Road, Chapel Hill  SOLD

Harper Road, Hillsborough  SOLD

Wagoner Avenue, Durham  SOLD

Corrida Avenue, Durham  SOLD

Ode Turner Road, Hillsborough  SOLD

Building Lots for Construction   Shambley Rd, Efland  (SOLD)Ode Turner Road, Hillsborough   (SOLD)

Raineywood subdivision Mebane  FOR SALE OR BUILD TO SUIT

Harold Latta Drive Hillsborough (facing orange high playing fields)  SOLD

Your Browser’s New Best Friend: Privacy Badger 1.0

Your Browser’s New Best Friend: Privacy Badger 1.0

As we go about our online lives, we are constantly followed by a swarm of almost invisible marketing technologies. It’s pretty gross, but only a few services offer any kind of protection and none of it very complete. So, EFF’s crack team of computer scientists teamed up with the open-source community to create a super-tool to block online trackers. Hence, the Privacy Badger browser extension was born. More than a quarter-million users helped us test the early versions, and this week we officially launched Privacy Badger 1.0. Download it here for free.  Supports Firefox and Chrome, but not Safari.