Tofu Dave – Community Radio DJ, Tofu Advocate, Stage Host

Commercial Real Estate and cohousing development assistance as well as licensed contractor – Tofu Dave is the music and tofu lover extraordinaire!  He’s recorded, edited, and broadcast dozens (hundreds?) of live music shows and festivals.  He’s MC’d various events, managed stages, dealt with problems big and small in a measured and calming manner.

And perhaps more important:  Tofu Dave has brought his love of healthy eating and good cooking to hundreds of aficionados.  Dinners for hundreds (yes!) include his special carribean “jerk” spiced baked tofu, as well as tofu cake, tofu mousse, and others.  Dave uses Pluto’s jerk spices exclusively, but also provides a means to mix your own spice should you wish.

Be sure to follow both Tofu’s musical interests, as well as his cooking and special offers coming soon!

R.I.P. My Friend and Co-author Gary Chapman
Medic, US Special Forces
August 8, 1952 - December 14, 2010
UT Austin, Co-ordinator 21st Century Project
"Computers in Battle: Will They Work?" (co-editor with David Bellin)